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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Awards - Part IV

(drew barrymore and jessica lange in "grey gardens")
9:35 pm - Neil Patrick Harris is featured in a horrific comedic sketch. Okay, CBS suits, are you watching this? And now, do you really still think this guy is funny? And then, in the middle of the sketch, another actor socks Harris in the jaw, sending him to the floor, and it's our first, real, loin-tingling thrill of the night. Hit him again, hit him again!!

9:40 pm - Jessica Lange wins for "Grey Gardens". So deserved, she was brilliant in that movie. The only sad part of her win was the fact that her co-star in the film, Drew Barrymore, was nominated in the same category and had to lose. They both deserved accolades for that incredible film.

9:45 pm - "Grey Gardens" wins for Best T.V. Movie, of course, but "Little Dorrit" is winning enough awards to keep "Grey Gardens" from taking a total sweep.

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