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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Awards - Part III

9:12 pm - The Amazing Race wins its sixth (or seventh?) Emmy in a row for Best Reality Show. Really? Is it really the best reality show for all these years? Uh... no. And now you wonder why we make fun of the Emmy Awards and the people who vote for them.

A dance number takes place at some point with dancers from the dance reality shows, and we don't know what time it took place, we were balled up in a corner just wishing it would stop.

9:20 pm - Ken Howard wins the first of what will be many awards for "Grey Gardens" tonight.
(jeff probst)
9:30 pm - Some slightly chubby Irish woman in an ill-fitting red dress wins as Director of a mini-series for Little Dorritt, and evidently, the words "bra" and "spanks" are not in this woman's vocabulary.

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