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Friday, June 10, 2011

Page Six Guy

If you didn't already realize that Americans still have a lot of strange, unnatural hang-ups about the male body and male sexuality, you need to look no further than the current hysteria over Congressman Anthony Weiner's Twitter pics.

But luckily, some male models have absolutey no problems with the male form, particularly with showing their own. Today's Page Six Guy is one of our favorite models, Illinoian Bobby Momenteller, who is also a bodybuilder and singer.

(momenteller in a stunning shot by
photographer justin monroe)

There's no shortage of guys out there with great faces and bodies who like to show-off these days, but for real art to be created, a model has to disregard all his hang-ups and insecurities to give himself completely over to the photographer's vision. And that ain't easy. But Bobby Momenteller has evolved in a short time into a real artist, especially in his work with the incredibly talented photographer Justin Monroe. Momenteller goes beyond being merely a pretty prop, he's got something real going on behind those cat-like eyes, and his ability to express real emotion has helped him to create images which will stand the test of time as real art.

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