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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#2 Daniel Craig

In a close second place is Daniel Craig. Craig first grabbed our attention as the walking embodiment of throbbing man-heat when he played the sexiest James Bond since Sean Connery in 2006's "Casino Royale". And in the same year, Craig played a pathological murderer in "Infamous", but he was so scarily sexy that when he forced Toby Jones up against the wall of his jail cell, we couldn't help but wish we were Jones. Craig even made an insane kill-freak sexy.

It was with his role in "Infamous" that Craig proved he could really act, and had much more to offer than simply filling the perfectly tailored, designer tuxes of James Bond. Craig, at 43, proved he's still got it with last year's "Cowboys and Aliens", playing one of the sexiest cowboys in screen history. Craig's cowboy didn't say much, but it didn't matter; near the end of the film, Craig's shirt was open, and his pecs and abs are ripped to perfection.  With a body like that, who cares if he can talk? One look at those abs, and Miss Kitty would have thrown Marshall Dillon overboard so fast it would have made Festus's head spin.

Craig also proved he had a sense of humor when he appeared in the James Bond spoof with Queen Elizabeth at the Olympics. That film spoof also reminded us of something else about Craig: does anyone on earth look better in a fitted tux than Craig? Uh... no.

Last year, we had Daniel Craig at #6 because we weren't sure if Craig could prove to be something other than a good looking guy with a great body. But after seeing a few more of his films, we've finally decided that Craig, does indeed, have a brain, and as everyone knows, there's nothing more sexy than a guy with a hot body who can also think. Oh, and he also won major points when he publicly stated that the Kardashian's were "fucking idiots". Thank you, Daniel Craig, now we really love you!

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