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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Wish I Was A Princess!

The 2009 Miss America Pageant... oops, I mean "The Miss America Scholarship Program", was held last night on TLC. Are you like us, had you forgotten that this thing even still existed? It used to be on a major network, then the ratings plummeted, so it was moved to the country music channel, CMT, assuming that country music fans in the South were the only people who still believed it should be every little girl's dream to be a Barbie doll, but even that didn't work. So now the old celebration of feminine vacuousness has found a home on TLC, that's right, The Learning Channel. What they think "we're a learnin'" from watching The Miss America Pageant, we're not sure, but frankly, we hope it never goes away. We love good trash t.v., and with the move toward reshaping the Pageant into a reality show, this thing is just one step away from "The Bad Girls Club".

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