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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And Gay People Still Can't Get Married?

In the newest office pool "How Long Will This One Last?" entry, it was announced this week that both David Letterman and Bruce Willis married.
Letterman married the woman he's dated for 23 years, so that one might actually last. The only question is: did he wear his trademark, idiotic white socks to the ceremony? Let's hope not.
And 54 year-old Bruce Willis married 32 year-old Victoria's Secret Underwear model Emma Hemming. Of course he did. Wow, how unusual, a rich, older, less attractive man marries a much younger, totally hot babe. As modern as we like to think we are in Amercan society, some things never change. Just for once, wouldn't you like to see a totally hot, young, famous male actor fall in love with a much older, very unnattractive woman and marry her, without her wealth being involved? Don't hold your breath. You're never going to see it. Women look for security, success, power, while men look for "hot". Period. And if you don't believe us, just remember the old saying, "Do you really think Miss Hemming would have fallen for Mr. Willis if he was a clerk at 7-11?"

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