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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hollywood Sadness

On this otherwise happy St. Patrick's Day, we have two pieces of sad news to report from Hollywood. First comes the news of the death of 92 year-old screenwriter Millard Kaufman. Kaufman received one of two Oscar nominations for his screenplay for the classic film, "Bad Day at Black Rock", (pictured at left), but Kaufman is better known for being the co-creator of the cartoon character, Mr. Magoo.

(spencer tracy and walter brennan in 1955's "bad day at black rock")

But even sadder news, Owen Wilson, in an effort to continue to prove that Hollywood is completely creatively bankrupt, has reportedly signed on for a remake of the 1970's t.v. show, "Alias Smith and Jones". Damn, Owen. You rose to stardom by writing a clever and funny screenplay, "Bottle Rocket", and later the brilliant "Rushmore", and then you started selling out, making one piece of crap Hollywood movie after another. It's no wonder you were attracted to Kate Hudson, she's the only Hollywood star whose choice in movies is worse than yours. And now the news that you're going to ruin another famous t.v. series. You do remember starring in one of the worst movies of all time, "Starsky and Hutch", right? You'd think after that ass bomb you'd swear off badly written, badly conceived 1970's t.v. show remakes. Is your career that much in the toilet? Stop it, Owen, we beg you! Get
some help!

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