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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Awards 2009 Wrap-Up

Moral of the story tonight, D-Level Talent like Neil Patrick Harris have no business being on t.v., much less hosting major awards shows. We're sure there are some people out there somewhere who like him, (some people like being peed on), but he clearly has no discernible gifts as a television personality. We don't know who he's sleeping with to get this gig, but he was all over the show tonight, and it was a mess.
(tina fey and jon hamm)
And speaking of blowing someone in the bathroom to get your job, we did one final check of the Yahoo Entertainment writer guy's picks of "Who Would Win" and "Who Should Win" the Emmys. He made picks in the twelve major categories, for a total of twenty-four predictions. Out of twenty-four, he got four correct. 4 out of 24! And three of those four were the most obvious choices, "Mad Men", "30 Rock" and "The Amazing Race". Our cat picked those three, and he was high on crystal meth tonight. The only category in which the guy made an original prediction was for Glenn Close in the Drama Actress category, and he actually got that one wrong, too. Miss Close won, but he said she "Should Win", (but won't win). Wow. Maybe this guy and Neil Patrick Harris should get together. Between the two of them, they have might enough talent to tie each other's shoes.

But the real disaster tonight was the show itself. It was a monumental snooze-fest. For a couple of decades now, the t.v. industry has bemoaned the lack of producers capable of creating an entertaining variety show, and tonight's Emmy Awards show was proof of that status. After the show, we couldn't recall one single entertaining, original or interesting moment, save the Ricky Gervais and Bob Newhart bits. The writing was bad, the Host was awful, the winners and their speeches were boring, and there were no real surprises. Maybe it's time to let the Emmy Awards go the way of the Miss America pageant, into the dustbin of television history. Even the pre-show Red Carpet telecast is boring without Joan and Melissa, despite the fun of watching Ryan Seacreast's look of consternation as he reviews the women's size zero gowns and regrets that his tendency to retain water will prevent him from ever being able to wear them.
And if you think that it's just us who were bored by the show, consider this. E! Entertainment, who always produces a post-Awards television show, didn't have one this year. Instead, they ran their regular broadcasts of "The Soup" and "Chelsea Lately". Now, when E! Entertainment, who normally considers a major awards television show something akin to the second coming of Jesus, doesn't even care to discuss the Emmy Awards after the fact, that should tell you something.

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