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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Kardashians

Here at East Village Afternoon, we have a new guilty pleasure: E Entertainment's latest television offering, "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami". And listen, when we say guilty, we mean it. It's almost embarrassing to admit that, not only do we watch it, but that we actually like it.
As a rule, we pretty much dismiss the new breed of "Hollywood celebrities" who are only famous for being famous. And the Kardashians, outside of late father Robert's stellar career as an attorney, pretty much fit into that category. But there is something oddly refreshing about the Kardashian girls.

The show takes place in Miami, where sisters Khloe and Kourtney have moved to open a clothing boutique called "D-A-S-H". Sister Kim soon joined the pair, and while the three siblings certainly manage to have their share of fun in the Miami nightlife, what really comes through in the show is the fact that, for the most part, the girls are well-grounded with a decent work ethic, manners which are pleasant and considerate of others, and they share a strong, obvious love for each other. They don't do drugs, and Kim refuses to even drink. We were most impressed when Khloe was confronted with a situation in which she was wrongly accused of cocaine possession, but instead of crying to Daddy or to her lawyer, she accepted responsiblity for the situation, took a drug test and decided that keeping her job was more important than throwing a spoiled hissy fit.
We'll admit that the show has very little value as real entertainment; there are no discernable plot lines and no real tension to be found anywhere, unless you count the number of times the amply-endowed trio's swollen breasts compete to fill up the t.v. screen. (Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest might have the money and the studio deals to get a show on the air, but a storyteller he ain't.) But that's okay, considering the fact that we expected to be nauseated just by watching the show, to find out that the Kardashian girls are not only not repulsive, but actually even people with whom we might enjoy spending some time, makes the show a real treat.

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