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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Trivia

Quick, answer this riddle. Who are these people, and what are they famous for?
Joe Mantell, Susan Peters, William Gargan, Margaret Wicherly?

Give up? Okay, how about these people?
Katina Paxinou, James Dunn, Janet Gaynor, George Arliss?

Give up again? The first list were actors who were nominated for Academy Awards, and the second list were actors who actually won Oscars.

Joe Mantell, (right, with Ernest Borgnine), nominated for Best Supporting Actor for 1955's "Marty".


Margaret Wycherly, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for 1941's "Sergeant York".

Susan Peters, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for 1942's "Random Harvest".

William Gargan, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for 1940's "They Knew What They Wanted".

Janet Gaynor won Best Actress for 1927's "7th Heaven".

Katina Paxinou, (center, with Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper), won Best Supporting Actress for 1943's "For Whom The Bell Tolls".

James Dunn, (left, with Peggy Ann Garner), won Best Supporting Actor for 1945's "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn".

George Arliss, won Best Actor for 1929's "Disraeli".

The Oscars are this Sunday night, and as famous as winning an Oscar makes an actor, it's funny to think about how life works out: when enough time goes by, even the most famous among us eventually fade from the public consciousness. The only people who still remember these folks are the people who are absolutely obsessed with the Oscars. And that's us! We can't wait for Sunday night, and even though we already know who's going to win, it's still one of the best shows in town. Check out our previous Oscar posts by clicking on "2009 Oscars" and "2010 Oscars" in the Labels list at the right of this page.

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