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Monday, July 12, 2010

Glee Producers Lose Their F**king Minds

.And as it often happens in the world, we have to go from celebrating happy news to the recognition of really disturbing news. We just read that "Glee" will write an episode featuring all of Britney Spears' music. Oh God. Say it's not true. We'd heard swirling rumors for some time that Brit Brit's managers/boyfriends/brother-cousins were pushing for the pop star to appear on the show, but we can imagine how that proposal went down when the producers of the show, who are responsible for featuring singers on the show, came to the conclusion that what Brit does can't actually be considered singing. So the next best way to use Brit's music, as if for some god-forsaken, possibly ecstacy-driven, temporary insanity-fueled reason that someone would actually want to use Brit's music, would be to feature her songs on the show. But how, oh how, will the "Glee" singers recreate that, um, "unique" sound of Britney's voice? Will the backup boy singers have to carry a voice-modulating machine on stage with them? Aren't those things big and heavy? Oh, we've got it, just strap one onto the back of Arnie's wheelchair. And let us know when that episode is to air, we'd rather listen to something a little more pleasant than the sound of Britney's singing, like a recording of those dogs barking the song of "Jingle Bells". Ouch.

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