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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What? No Happy Gilmore Moment?

Bob Barker quickly retreated from his statement that Drew Carey was "not exciting" as the host of CBS' long-running daytime gameshow, "The Price is Right". He apologized yesterday for his earlier statement to a TMZ reporter in which, when asked what he thought of his replacement on the show, Drew Carey, Bob screwed up his face and said, "I tried to make the show exciting, Drew doesn't." When Barker saw how much media attention his remark was garnering, he quickly apologized and withdrew his earlier remark. It was noted that Barker continues to collect royalties from the show as long as it's being broadcast, so it was not in his financial interest to besmirch the show. But Barker is also a very sophisticated, classy man, and we believe that being snarky about another entertainer is just not in his nature. Drew Carey commented that he didn't take Barker's original comments personally.

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