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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let's Get Physical

Okay, we gotta be honest, we just don't watch Bravo. Except for Kathy Griffin, there's just not anything on the network that interests us. We get that America is obsessed with Cultural Dysfuncionates like "The Housewives", "Flipping Out"'s poster child for Anal Retentive OCD Jeff Lewis, and designer whore Rachel Zoe, but come on, if you had to spend five minutes with any of these people, wouldn't you fear that your brain cells would literally start flooding out your ears if only to save their own very lives?
But with that said, if we had to watch a Bravo show, we'd tune into the new "Thintervention" with Jackie Warner and Craig Ramsay. Not that another show with an overly aggressive, skinny lesbian screaming at fat people is our cup of tea, but Craig Ramsay is. Ramsay, an Ontario native, is an actor/model/fitness trainer who's been around the entertainment block, appearing for the past few years on Broadway, t.v. and film. We haven't seen a lot of Ramsay's work, and he hasn't been given a lot to do on the Bravo show yet, but he comes across as very likable and looks great in or out of his tank top. We'd definitely like to see more of this guy. And hopefully we will, as Ramsay has a film in pre-production called "12 and Under" with Robin Givens and Sandra Bernhard. And of course, there's always the hope that Bravo will get really smart one day, and push Jackie Warner out of the way and let Craig Ramsay run the workout facility.

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