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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Coach Gets Sidelined

In the third week of "Survivor", we'd hoped for more fireworks like the week before when the pec-engorged, crazy Shannon went on a crazy, homophobic rant and then had his ass handed to him by his tribemates. But it was not to be, this week's episode was actually fairly boring. Former Dallas Cowboys football coach, Jimmy Johnson, was voted out, but it wasn't so much because of anything he did wrong, but more the fact that some of the other men, particularly Marty, (shown here with the green-shirted Johnson), felt threatened by him. But we could see it coming a mile away; Johnson, at 67 and with a history of heart problems, just wasn't physically up to the task. From the first night in the jungle, Johnson was exhausted and mentioned several times that this extended camp-out was the hardest thing he'd ever done. See ya', Coach, don't let the palm frond hit you on the way out!

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