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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Douche of the Day

There is hypocrisy, and then there is the incredible, jaw-dropping hypocrisy of Dr. Andy Harris. Harris is a newly elected Republican Congressman from Maryland who made an unbelievable ass of himself today.
Harris campaigned heavily on the promise to repeal "ObamaCare", you know, government-funded healthcare, but today, when told at an orientation for new House members that he'd have to wait for one month before his government-funded health care would begin, Harris stood and demanded to know why he had to wait for so long for his health coverage. He asked "why it took so long," and asked "what he would do without 28 days of health care?" Wow. Wait, let us say that again: Wow.
Andy Harris, you are a douchebag. Actually, we've had douchebags before on East Village Afternoon, but for demanding government-funded health care for yourself when you don't think anyone else deserves the same, even though millions of Americans are desperate to have it, you are The King of All Douchebags. Way to go, Maryland, when you voted for this colossal idiot, you got just what you deserved.
We have one request of Andy Harris, and others like him. First, do your homework. The fact that a physician didn't understand how the health care system works is shocking, and probably foretells how much else he doesn't know. But more importantly, people like Harris should put their money where their mouths are. If you hate government-funded health care so much, Rep. Harris, then you should promise not to take it. Give up your Congressional health care, which we, the taxpayers, pay for. There is no rule or law which says that you have to accept government-funded health care, but if you do accept it, and then go forward in your promise to help repeal "ObamaCare", then you have lost absolutely all credibility as a Congressman. God, what a douche!

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