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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

40 Is The New Funny

It's Ladies' Day here at East Village Afternoon, and our first shout-out goes to Martha Plimpton, who's celebrating her 40th birthday today. Plimpton has been a well-known movie actor since she was a kid; one of her earliest roles was in 1985's "Goonies". We've always admired Plimpton for pushing the envelope by taking roles in some edgy films, "Pecker", "Shy People", "I Shot Andy Warhol", etc., and she won rave reviews early on for roles in high profile movies like "The Mosquito Coast" and "Running on Empty", but after two and a half decades of solid work, it looked more recently like Plimpton's long career might be on the descent. But then came this year's surprise hit on Fox, "Raising Hope", in which Plimpton plays a loud, brash, crude mother to a single-father teen boy, and she has never been funnier. The first night we watched "Raising Hope" we were shocked at the things that were coming out of Plimpton's mouth, and then after picking up our jaws from the floor, we couldn't stop laughing. "Raising Hope" doesn't get the same "water-cooler" hype as "Modern Family", but trust us, it's just as funny. And just as we predicted correctly last year that Jane Lynch would win an Emmy for "Glee", you can count on Plimpton getting some Emmy love next year. Happy Birthday, Martha Plimpton, and here's to second acts in life!
(martha plimpton and garret dillahunt in "raising hope")

Added bonuses for watching "Raising Hope": Cloris Leachman is hilarious and Garret Dillahunt is sexy hot.
Dillahunt was Tommy Lee Jone's naive deputy sheriff in "No Country For Old Men" and one of the psycho killers in "The Last House on the Left, but we never really noticed him until now. We're making up for lost time.

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