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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Needs Torture for the Taliban, Just Make Them Watch This

Tonight was a strange night for t.v. First there was the two hour "Dancing With The Stars" season finale. Two hours, really? At one point, it actually became comical to see how many more video clips ABC could trot out in their desperate attempt to fill two hours. Note to ABC: You really should have done this show in thirty minutes, anything over that, it was as painful as being waterboarded by Dick Cheney. But on the other hand, what else does ABC have to show? "Skating With The Stars"? Please. Trust us, the major networks are in big trouble. On a better note, the best dancer actually won the contest. Jennifer Grey was clearly the best dancer, but we'll admit, we're suprised the Tea Baggers didn't come through for Bristol Palin. And this is where we really get mean, get ready: is it just us, or is Bristol the only contestant in the history of "DWTS" to gain weight during the show? Ouch.
And then there was tonight's "Glee". We were really looking forward to this one since comedy legend Carol Burnett was the guest star. But to our dismay, not only did the producers waste their opportunity with someone who could have really taken the show to the next level, but the writing for tonight's episode was even more horrific than normal. Look, we get that the "Glee" producers have a lot of gay axes to grind, but holy shit, that whole gay bullying storyline and the wedding thing tonight with Finn singing to and dancing with Kurt was just cringe-worthy. Truly. It's amazing to think how fast this show blew up in popularity, but might just as quickly sink under the weight of its own lack of consistent quality in writing, producing, directing, etc. The only highlight of tonight's episode was Burnett and Jane Lynch's duet, and breathtaking harmony, on "Ohio" from the old Broadway musical "Wonderful Town". Oh, and that Burnett line, "What in the g.d. hell?" was perfectly timed and oh, so funny. But come on, "Glee" producers, you have got to get it together! This show is going downhill fast.

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