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Friday, December 3, 2010

Oscar Grub Payoff Round 2

The National Board of Review has just handed out their 2010 film awards, and the Best Picture winner was "The Social Network".
.(jennifer lawrence)
But don't get too excited. While The National Board of Review is one of the handful of national organizations which annually hands out awards for film, the NBR almost never selects the same films and actors which eventually win the Oscars. So while many Oscar watchers respect the NBR choices, they don't necessarily pay a great deal of attention to them. The main reason being is that very few members of the NBR are also members of the Oscar "Academy", the people who actually vote for the Oscars.

(lesley manville)
.But with that said, it's still a great honor to be named as a winner by The National Board of Review. In addition to the NBR heaping praise on "The Social Network", it also named its star, Jesse Eisenberg as Best Actor. Best Actress went to Lesley Manville for "Another Year", Best Supporting Actress went to Jackie Weaver for "Animal Kingdom, and Best Supporting Actor went to Christian Bale for "The Fighter".
(jackie weaver)
..Maybe the most notable award was given to Jennifer Lawrence of "Winter's Bone" in the category of Breakthrough Performance. "Winter's Bone" just won the Best Picture Award on Monday night at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, and although The Gothams don't give awards for individual actors, they did award the cast of "Winter's Bone" for Best Ensemble Performance. This is all a long way of saying that we think Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar chances are getting better and better with each passing day. The buzz from these early awards is going to peak for her at probably just the right time to snag an Oscar nomination.

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