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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're Ready to Give The Ring Back

That's it, we have officially fallen out of love with Pres. Barack Obama. By now, you've probably heard that he caved, again, to the Republicans. He has agreed to a deal with the Republicans in which, in exchange for the unemployment benefits being extended for out-of-work Americans, Pres. Obama will agree to giving the wealthiest Americans an extension of their Bush-era tax cuts. Un-fucking-believable.
After two years of caving to the Republican demands on every issue, this might just be the breaking point for us with Pres. Obama. We realize that there are many sides to this argument, and that with this deal, unemployed Americans do get desperately needed benefits, but where we have a problem with Pres. Obama is that he doesn't seem to know how to take control of the "narrative" in a debate. The Republicans argued that giving rich Americans tax cuts would kill jobs, an argument for which there is no credible evidence, and Pres. Obama went along with that narrative, instead of laughing at it and turning the tables on the Republicans and forcing them to explain to the American people why they didn't care about giving unemployment benefits to people who are desperate for help. In other words, in a debate between someone who favors the rich and someone who favors the needy, how does the one who favors the needy ALWAYS seem to lose the argument?
One day, hopefully, the Republicans will have to answer for why they really don't ever seem to care about anyone outside the Country Club, but they won't if Pres. Obama and the Democrats don't force them to. The Republicans have their talking points down to a science, in fact, they repeat them so often that we think, sometimes, they even start to believe them themselves. But no matter how many times the Republicans mention that they're fighting for the "working American", it doesn't make that claim true. The Republicans never, NEVER sponsor legislation which benefits anyone but big corporations and the wealthiest among us, and when legislation does come up for the middle or lower classes, they NEVER support it. Why isn't Pres. Obama using that fact to his advantage?
And to those who would say to us that Pres. Obama did get the health care law passed, and that he fought hard for that, we would say, yes, but he caved on the most crucial aspect of that law: the universal, or single-payer option. Without that, the law has some bite, but not many teeth.
We hope that Pres. Obama surprises us, and that he somehow finds a way to turn this current state of affairs around to his advantage, but we're not holding our breath. We're honestly going to start looking for another Democratic presidential aspirant to support in 2012.

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