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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Divorce Papers are in the Mail

UPDATE: We just wrote about our frustration with Pres. Barack Obama about his capitulation to the Republicans over the tax cut debate. And that same President just gave a press conference where he attempted to further explain his decision on the issue.
Did his explanation make us feel any better? Did his explanation make the Democratic base feel any better? No, and no! In fact, listening to Pres. Obama just now made us feel a level of frustration and anger that we rarely feel, and have never felt for this President.
Pres. Obama kept explaining why he had no choice, and that he had to accept this deal with the Republicans. But never once did we hear him put the blame where it belongs, on the Republicans for, once again, whipping up the fear factor in the country through their claims that a tax hike for the rich would "kill jobs", and forcing the Republicans to explain why they don't want to help the unemployed. Pres. Obama, you are making us sick to our stomachs.
We know the Republicans are tone-deaf when it comes to what real Americans are thinking and how real Americans live their lives. In fact, they have no clue; they've proven that over and over in the past two decades. And we've recently seen, in the Bush-Cheney run-up to the Iraq War, what happens when Republicans are never challenged and allowed to say whatever they want without ever being made to answer for those statements, no matter how false. So Pres. Obama, when are you going to get it? When are you going to really challenge them? When are you going to make them answer for their irresponsible and dangerous actions? Pres. Obama, we are so very disappointed in you. So disappointed.
We wonder if Hillary would consider running for President in 2012? Hillary, call us!

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