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Friday, January 28, 2011

American Snoozefest

Everyone's talking about the new season of "American Idol", and how different the show is with the new judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. None of the judges, now, are overly critical, in either a good or bad way; Tyler and Lopez just basically say "yes" or "no" to a contestant, and we move on. Hmmm, how do we put this? We could do that.
We know, we know, the show is so much "nicer" now, but let's face it, the show would have never become the phenomenon it became without Simon Cowell being Simon Cowell. Yes, Cowell was sometimes needlessly mean to the contestants, but more than anything else, he was honest. And who did the contestants want to impress more than anyone else? Simon Cowell. If you remember, the contestants weren't thrilled when Paula or Randy liked them, (Paula and Randy liked everyone, especially Paula), but if Simon told them they were good, then they knew they were really good. Thus, despite Cowell's alleged bad temperament, he's the one that everyone turned to for a real judgement of someone's talent. And let's get real, we all lived for Simon's snarky comments to a contestant who was really bad.

We have no idea if "American Idol" will survive without Simon Cowell. The show is still interesting as a talent contest, alone, but it certainly doesn't provide the hilarious water cooler moments that it did in the Simon Cowell era. The show just doesn't have the same "spark" as before. And also, without Simon around, who's going to point out, on national television, how ridiculous Ryan Seacrest is?

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