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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Beast That Wouldn't Die

It's funny to read all the comments posted by readers on the various websites which have reported the Razzie nominations. By the many comments, you'd think most people feel the same way that we do about Jennifer Aniston, that not only has she not made a movie in several years that wasn't complete dreck, but she should be stopped immediately from ever making another one.
But despite the quality of Aniston's movies, what many don't realize is that Show Business is really more "business" than "show", and despite the poor quality of Aniston's movies, they all make money. So until her movies stop making profits, you might as well just sit back and accept the fact that she's going to be with us for awhile.
Take a look at Aniston's most recent movies:
"The Switch" - Budget: $19 million, Worldwide Revenue: $49 million
"The Bounty Hunter" - Budget: $40 million, Worldwide Revenue: $156 million
"Love Happens" - Budget: $18 million, Worldwide Revenue: $38 million
"Marley and Me" - Budget: $60 million, Worldwide Revenue: $320 million
Unbelievably, all these movies made a profit. So, here's the deal, people, if you really want to put a stake in the heart of the frightening and horrific monster that is Jennifer Aniston's career, you're going to have to stop going to her movies. It doesn't matter that you leave her movies cursing and demanding your money back, once you've paid, it's counted in the win column for our artistically-challenged "friend".

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