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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Today's Blue Light Special, 50% Off on All Golden Globes!

Despite the hype surrounding the publicity behemoth that is tonight's Golden Globes Awards, most industry insiders don't see the Hollywood Foreign Press's annual bestowing of movie awards as a serious indicator of Oscar success. The Golden Globes, over the years, have been tainted by too many scandals, including a brand new one accusing the head of the HFP of taking kickbacks and bribes for nominations, to be taken seriously as an objective measure of the best of Hollywood's annual output. For those who really wanted to gauge the latest scoreboard on the 2011 Oscars, all eyes were on Friday night's Critics Choice Movie Awards, which are awarded annually by the largest U.S. critics' group, the Broadcast Film Critics Association. The Critics Choice Movie Awards are the final awards given by a critics group before the hoopla of the Golden Globes, the SAG's, and the Oscar nominations themselves, and they have the distinction of being a very accurate predictor of Oscar success. The Critics correctly predicted the Oscar Best Picture the past four years in a row, and eight of the past ten years. On Friday night, the Critics awarded "The Social Network" as Best Picture, Colin Firth as Best Actor, Natalie Portman as Best Actress, Christian Bale as Best Supporting Actor and Melissa Leo as Best Supporting Actress.

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