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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The King Just De-Friended You on Facebook!

We said it last week, and it looks to be coming true. We said last week that after winning a titanic number of critics awards in November and December, that "The Social Network" seemed to be running out of gas, and might now lose the Oscar for Best Picture to "The King's Speech".

"The King's Speech" first major upset was last week at The Producers Guild Awards, and now, last night, the folks over at The Directors Guild also gave their top prize to Tom Hooper, the director of "The King's Speech".

Who knows why "The King's Speech" is now winning acclaim so late in the game? Some think it's because the Oscar voters are older and more conservative than the voters for the other awards, and they're not warming up to a movie about a social networking website when so many of them are still struggling to figure out how their emails work. While others think that when one movie so dominates the early competitions that it sets up the also-ran movies as sympathetic underdogs for which people want to root.

All we do know is that people who write about movies and the awards season have to stop talking about which movies won The Golden Globes and how a Golden Globe win affects a movie's chances to win Oscars. Please. People, get a grip. As we've said many, many times, no one in the movie industry takes the Golden Globes seriously, especially in the light of the most recent pay-for-play scandal over at the Globes. Winning a Golden Globe is only slightly more important than winning an MTV Movie Award, which is not much. So, stop it, before we smack you.

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