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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best "Survivor" Ever?

Imagine if you pulled your best friend aside and shared some evil gossip about another person with that friend. Then imagine that you and your best friend walk into a room with that person who you just verbally back-stabbed, and your best friend proceeds to loudly tell that person everything you just said about that person.
Now you have some idea of what happened on Wednesday night's season premiere of CBS's "Survivor". Critics and t.v. columnists keep trying to write off this long-running show, but we gotta tell ya, the show just keeps getting better and better.
We thought the early fireworks would come from veteran villains, Russell and Boston Rob, but no, the "Survivor" casting people found someone so crazy, so ego-maniacal, that he makes Russell and Rob's machinations look like child's play. We're speaking, of course, about Phillip, the self-described "former federal agent" who's really a nutty misogynist who likes to walk around in droopy, hot pink underwear briefs.
(at right: boston rob and phillip,
below: francesca)
.The jaw-dropping moment of the show came when Phillip's tribe went to tribal council to vote one of their own off the show. Earlier, Francesca and Kristina had alligned with Phillip to vote off Boston Rob, but then, the first words out of Phillip's mouth at tribal council was the spilling of the plan in front of everyone. It was a shocking moment; it was so real and in the moment that we couldn't keep from squirming while watching it. Despite the fact that we think we're unshockable as a society, to witness someone publicly breaking all rules and boundaries of socially acceptable behavior, even on a reality show, is still a little unsettling. In the end, Francesca was voted off. But in this year's "Survivor", each person voted off has a chance to return to the game. So all we can say is that Phillip better hope Francesca doesn't come back. There'll be hell to pay if she does.
Luckily, one thing that never changes about "Survivor" is the fact that the show always manages to cast great looking guys, and this season is no exception. The best looking among this group includes Mike, Steve, Grant and Matt, (pictured below). Oddly enough, Steve and Grant are former professional football players, and Mike played college football. We're not sure what's up with that, but it should prove to be interesting in the physical challenges.

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