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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hollywood Middle Age

Happy birthday to a couple of our favorites, Thomas Jane and Drew Barrymore.

Thomas Jane, who turns 42 today, made a splash in the late 90's in the films, "The Thin Red Line" and "Deep Blue Sea", but soon after his career almost disappeared. But he's back now, sexier than ever, in HBO's popular series, "Hung". Jane plays a high school baseball coach who moonlights as a male prostitute, and he proves that with some men, the ruggedness of age is even sexier than youth, and far more interesting.


Drew Barrymore turns 36 today, which is not odd, in and of itself, except that she's one of those stars who we always think is much older, since it seems as if she's been around forever. Barrymore's star-making movie, "E.T.", is now 29 years old, but considering that she was only 7 when she made it, it makes sense that she's still only in her 30's. Barrymore has turned out a lot of great work as an actor, but our favorite Barrymore movie, and what we think was her best work, was 2009's "Grey Gardens". But her turn in 2009's "Whip It" as a roller derby queen might have been the most fun thing she's ever done; just her character name, alone, "Smashley Simpson", makes us laugh. And just as with Thomas Jane, Drew Barrymore proves that it really is possible to get better as you get older.

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