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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello Bunny Emerges

One of our favorite artist/photographers, Miami-based Alexander Guerra, has done it again. For those of you who follow his work, you know that he's been all over the world in the past year, creating a series of rabbit-masked, photographic self-portraits, in the guise of his alter-ego "Le Lapin".
And now comes the latest incarnation of "Le Lapin", a new monster named Hello Bunny. We'd explain the new series, but Guerra can do it so much better himself:

Alexander Guerra:After killing the rabbits over the new year "metaphorically", I decided it was time to evolve the "brand" and start making my own masks. The Hello Kitty mask was just something that popped into my head earlier this week, so I decided to hop with it. I thought it would be a great way to take what I was doing and tie it in with something so well known and so mass produced. Hello Kitty is everywhere. It's like she multiplied like bunnies!

The concept behind the shoot was to take the iconic figure which is so girl relatable, and show how it too can be masculine, while throwing in my Rabbit/Bunny twist.

The mask is hand made, the pics are self portraits; it's an evolution to what I've been doing, and I can't wait to create more. People always ask me if I made the original masks, which I didn't; those are leather masks I purchased from another artist. Although, the pics and the setting will always be mine, the mask will never be just mine. This prompted the idea to make the masks myself which gave me control to create specifically themed masks for my sometimes crazy ideas. Problem is that I originally intended on selling the masks, but after working on them for so many hours, they (like the bunny) have become a part of me.

Oh, this series is titled "You Had Me at HELLO" a nod to the iconic figure and another nod to what happens to be, Valentines Day ♥ I've received a lot of love with the bunnies. People have really embraced them, and that's my Valentine!
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To see more of Alexander Guerra's work, go to http://www.alexanderguerra.com/,
and if you're going to be at Mardi Gras in Sydney, look for the Bunnies, they'll be there.

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