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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we'll momentarily forget the real St. Patrick, who represented a church whose traditions throughout the centuries include torture, a shocking accumulation of church wealth and pedophelia, but instead focus on something Irish which we can all agree we like, Colin Farrell. We were going to say that Farrell is the best thing to come out of Ireland since... well, our ancestors, and then close out this post, but then real life stepped in, and now we have more to say about Colin Farrell today.

Evidently, the Hollywood gossip world is abuzz with rumors that our favorite Irish actor and favorite singer/Vogue Magazine cover girl, Rihanna, are dating. Here is a photo of the two exiting a Santa Monica restaurant last night, and although the two didn't leave the eatery together, sources say they dined together inside. The two met while appearing together on the Graham Norton talk show in London, and evidently have been "sexting" each other ever since. Hmmm. Insert your own "comment about what beautiful babies they'd make" here.

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