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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The New Blue-Eyed Soul

Just as the honey-voiced Adele is gracing this week's cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, comes the news that Adele's sophomore album, "21", just pushed Britney Spears out of the #1 album of the week spot. Adele, who won last year's Grammy for Best New Artist of the Year, and proves that a great voice... wait a minute, Britney Spears had a #1 album? Really? People still pay real money to hear Brit Brit "sing"? Wow. No, seriously, who is buying that sh*t? We know that among Brit's fan base are a lot of 10 year old girls, and 30 year old gay men who'd like to be 10 year old girls, but there are enough of those people to put Brit Brit at the top of the music charts? Jesus H.Q. Christ!

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