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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And Gay People Still Can't Get Married? Part XVII

D-List t.v. actor, Lorenzo Lamas, got married on April 30 to his fifth wife, Shawna Craig. He is 53, she is 24, and after their beach wedding, Lamas took his bride for a spin on a jet ski. How romantic.

Remember Lorenzo when he played the dumb jock in the movie, "Grease"? Later he co-starred on the primetime soap, "Falcon Crest", and has worked for several years in countless B and C-List movies and t.v. shows.

Lamas first married Victoria Hilbert, the marriage lasted less than two years. Next up was wife #2, Michele Smith, who stayed married to Lamas for just over two years. Kathleen Kinmont was wife #3, who was Mrs. Lamas for four years, followed by wife #4, Shauna Sand, who remained married to Lorenzo for six years.

Wow. Gay people might still not be able to be married in most states, but luckily for people like Lorenzo Lamas, he can get married over and over and over again. Evidently, he respects the sanctity of marriage so much that he wants to do it as many times as humanly possible.

Oh, if only gay people could possibly understand the real meaning of the holy state of matrimony, maybe they'd stop carping and realize that only people who truly respect the institution, like Lorenzo, should be able to partake of it.

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