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Friday, May 27, 2011

Does Kim Know?

Kris Humphries, a pro basketball player for the New Jersey Nets, has proposed to reality star Kim Kardashian, bestowing her with a $2 million dollar engagement ring which is bigger than some people's cars.

But that's the not the real news. Humphries is clearly gay, and we wonder if Kim knows? We're talking about the fact that Humphries is appearing in the current issue of GQ Magazine in several pairs of shorts which are shockingly, above his knee. And as most straight men, and even a lot of straight women out there will tell you, for a man to wear shorts above the knee is so gay, gay, gay! It's okay for a man to show his pecs and abs, even push his pants down to his pubes to show off those sexy hip lines, but for a man to show some thigh, oh my god, that's so effeminate!

We're joking, of course. We're talking about a subject that we've written about before, (click here), the fact that men's shorts have been knee-length for so many years, that most younger Americans have no memory of when men's shorts were actually short. Knee-length shorts for men came into vogue in the 1950's, then fell out of favor for the decades of the 60's, 70's and 80's, becoming the style once again in the early 90's. But fashion never stays the same forever, and all those guys out there who are desperately afraid that their chicken legs might expose their femininity had better get to the gym for some leg presses, because men's shorts are finally starting to inch back upwards.

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