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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Are Many Cans of Pringles in Chris Hemsworth's Near Future?

The new "Thor" movie is finally out, starring the Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth. Click here for our previous postings about the build-up to the movie. Now that the comic book movie is finally out, already the internet is aflame with discussion of the actor's new pumped-up body. At left are "before" and "after" photos of Hemsworth.

We're a little worried, though, because as good as Hemsworth looks, we've seen this story before. An obscure actor gets cast in a big budget action movie, the actor spends months beefing up for the role, he makes a huge splash with his new body, and then, in no time, the new body is gone.

Remember when Gerard Butler of "300" fame went from "Gerard" to "Ge-Lard"? Oh my. Please, Chris Hemsworth, we're begging you, don't let this happen to you.

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