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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Biebs is Selling His Stink

Sometimes we wonder how people with an appalling lack of knowledge of pop culture get paying jobs to write about pop culture? Okay, who did they blow in the bathroom to get those jobs? Case in point: Justin Bieber is hawking his new women's perfume, and as part of his press tour for the fragrance, he appeared on last night's Letterman Show where he read the Top Ten List entitled "Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Justin Bieber". Letterman spent a lot of time talking about what a kid Bieber was, because quite honestly, he looks like he's a ten year-old boy. The whole bit, despite the fact that Bieber has absolutely no comedic ability, or charisma, was very funny. But then today, both Caryn Ganz on Yahoo and Matt Cherette on Gawker, wrote that the whole episode was "awkward" and wondered why Letterman dislikes Bieber so much? Really? Okay, again Ganz and Cherette, who did you blow? Seriously.

Letterman was clearly enjoying the bit, he was simply laughing about the fact that Bieber does, indeed, look much younger than his 17 years. Maybe the fact that Cherette is in his twenties and obviously has no understanding of, and therefore can't reference, anything that occurred in pop culture pre-2003 would account for the fact that he doesn't understand Letterman's humor. We don't know what Ganz's excuse is, she's in her mid-thirties. And even worse, Cherette had to have one of his readers explain to him why Paul Schaffer made a joke about shooting Bieber "from the hips down", obviously a reference to a previous pop idol, Elvis Presley, famously being shot from the hips-up on t.v. in the 1950's. Wow.

Below is the bit from last night's Letterman show. And while we're on it, the oddest thing to us about Justin Bieber is not the fact that he looks like he hasn't physically matured since the 5th grade, rather that... hair. What is that?

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