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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can Harrison Do It?

We've been begging for a long, long time for another great American tennis player, and it looks like our long, national tennis nightmare might finally be over. Ryan Harrison, the 19 year-old Shreveport native is already living up to his potential as American's next great tennis star.

We hinted a couple of days ago that Harrison might upset #7 seed David Ferrer today at Wimbledon, and so far, so good. He was leading two sets to one over Ferrer when the match was suspended for darkness. If he can come back tomorrow and finish off Ferrer, then he's got a chance to go far into the tournament. Laughingly, Andy Roddick commented about Harrison that he'd have to learn to control his emotions if he wants to become really great. Oh, right, this advice coming from a man, (Roddick), who because he never matured emotionally turned out to be one of the great American tennis under-achievers of all time. Maybe Roddick should just concentrate on getting past the third round of the tournament.

And speaking of whiners, Serena Williams was complaining today that she's had to play her past few matches on Court #2, instead of Court #1 or Centre Court. It is odd that the defending champion is not playing every match on Centre Court, but let's get real. Wimbledon is, at the end of the day, a business, and just a like t.v. programmers, the organizers of the tournament are going to schedule for the famed Centre Court the players with the most appeal. And frankly, most people are bored with Serena Williams' clunky, clydesdale horse-version of tennis. Williams is a great champion, no doubt, but her game is big and ugly and boring.

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