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Monday, June 27, 2011

Serena Goes Down

There was tennis royalty joined by real royalty at Wimbledon Centre Court today. Billie Jean King, one of the all-time greats of tennis, was followed into the royal box today by William and Kate to watch Britain's hopeful, Andy Murray, in his match against Richard Gasquet. At one point, William turned around to King, whereupon it looked like he got a thirty minute lecture on the mechanics of tennis from the six-time Wimbledon champ. That'll teach you, William, to stay in your seat and keep your eyes straight ahead.

Just minutes ago, defending champion Serena Williams went out in straight sets to everybody's favorite little OCD'er, Frenchwoman Marion Bartoli. Williams' loss is not that big of a shock, Serena hasn't played tennis in a year, plus anyone who really knows tennis knows that Serena's hulking frame isn't built for a lot of running. If you can run Serena from side to side, you've got her, and Bartoli did just that, consistently painting the sidelines with crisp groundstrokes from side to side. With her recent injuries and increasing age, we're thinking this might be Serena's last best chance to take another Wimbledon crown.

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