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Monday, March 12, 2012

#5 Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt fills the spot at #5, and we know what you're saying: "Garret who?" Like others on our list, Dillahunt is not a household name, but he's been around for awhile. We first noticed him in 2007's "No Country For
Old Men" when he played
Tommy Lee Jones' clean-cut deputy, and he's currently co-starring on the Fox hit sitcom,
"Raising Hope". You might also remember him from the Oscar-nominated "Winter's Bone", or as the really, really bad guy in "The Last House on the Left".

Dillahunt is a triple threat: he's great looking, he's a great actor, and as evidenced on "Raising Hope", he fills out a t-shirt quite nicely. Dillahunt is 47 in real life, old enough to play the part of the dad and, believe it or not, a grandfather on "Raising Hope", but 47 never looked so hot. In fact, Dillahunt is so sexy, who cares about finding a hot "daddy", we'll be more than happy to go for some hot "granddad love" if Dillahunt's filling the role.

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