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Thursday, March 8, 2012

#6 Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal

We've got a "two-fer" at #6, the men of "The Walking Dead", Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal.
The hit AMC drama has inspired a new late-night love for zombies, and inspired many late-night fantasies about being stranded alone in a post-apocalyptic world with officers of the law, Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh. Many are turned on by the alpha-male, dominant personalities of Lincoln and Bernthal, but it also doesn't hurt that they're both great looking and sexy as hell.

Lincoln showed off his lean, super-cut body in the very first episode, and in a later episode, Bernthal stripped down in a bathroom and took the clippers to his hair for the sexiest and most famous buzzcut scene since Britney lost her shit.

A big storyline of "The Walking Dead" is which guy, Grimes or Walsh, will eventually win the affections of Grimes' wife, but we're holding our breath that one day soon Grimes and Walsh will give up fighting over her and just climb on top of each other. Who says there's no hope left in a post-apocalyptic world?

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