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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oscar Grub 2013

In our continuing effort to figure out which actors and movies are going to receive Oscar nominations, we were given two more hints today.  Yesterday the Independent Spirit Awards announced their nominations, and two films, "Moonrise Kingdom" and "Silver Linings Playbook" both received five nominations. 

Now, don't get too excited, The Indie Spirit Awards are not high on the radar of Oscar voters, but it certainly doesn't hurt a film or actor's Oscar chances to rack up several awards, no matter from where they come.

"Moonrise Kingdom"'s Indie Spirit recognition comes right on the heels of its win as "Best Feature" at Monday night's Gotham Awards in New York City, making it particularly hard for Oscar voters not to notice the small, offbeat film.

But there's another possible Oscar nominee who's slowly building momentum, and we can only fervently pray that that momentum turns into something real.  We're talking about Jack Black's turn in "Bernie".  The film was nominated at the Gotham Awards for Best Ensemble Cast Award, and now Black got an Indie Spirit nomination for Best Actor.  Black was terrific in the film's title role, and we'd love to see Jack Black finally get some real, legitimate industry recognition for his talent.  Are you watching, Oscar?

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