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Monday, January 26, 2009

You Knew It was Coming...

(johnny weir, brandon mroz and jeremy abbott)
Okay, you knew we couldn't resist. What's with these fucking costumes?
Come on, guys, despite what some might say, we recognize that men's figure skating is a real sport, even a physically demanding one, and anyone who would accuse you of not being "real men" simply because you compete in an artistic sport is just stupid. But come on! Maybe you could deflect some of the sissy taunts if you at least dressed like something other than a cross-dressing, very confused medieval Prince Charming and a Project Runway experiment gone horribly wrong. The frills, the ruffles, the gaudy colors, the lace, the gloves... oh man, I know drag queens that wouldn't be caught dead in these outfits. Have you ever seen the famous Seinfeld "puffy shirt" episode? Maybe you should watch it.
Seriously, there was some drama surrounding the men's competition. Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek have won the U.S. Men's competition for the past five years, but Weir couldn't come back from a recent illness and finished out of the top five, and Lysacek performed poorly to finish third behind new champion Jeremy Abbott and runner-up Brandon Mroz. But Weir, ever the very dramatic drama queen, who had previously stated that he didn't care for persons who campaigned for spots on the national team if they didn't earn it in the actual competition, turned around immediately after Sunday's competition and begged for a spot on the U.S. team at the upcoming World Championships. His petition was turned down. Sorry, Johnny, we don't like your ridiculous costumes, and we certainly don't like a whiner.

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