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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Morning Hangover Part III

And a final take on the Week that Was: Jan. 17-23...

Conan O'Brien, completely devoid of any sense of grace, continued this week to shamelessly ratchet up the complaints, the sniping at Jay Leno and NBC, and the overblown comedic attempts at petulant revenge against all those who wronged him. Good god, grow up, Conan! We said it before, but it definitely bears repeating. If you were as really funny, Conan, or even moderately talented in some way, people would watch your show, your ratings would be high, and your job would not be in jeoardy. It's as simple as that. Period. But you're not funny, not a lot of people want to watch you, and therefore, your ass got canned. But whatever happens, for god's sakes, please stop whining, Conan. You're like the pimply-faced, prom queen reject who sits by her phone and wonders why the senior boy who fingered her last week never calls, and just like how someone has to finally say to her, "Conan, we're just not that into you!"

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