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Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammy Awards - Part III

Miley Cyrus, looking a bit like a drag queen reject from Rupaul's "Drag Race", appeared to introduce The Black Eyed Peas. Why is this girl at the Grammys? We don't know, but we just thanked Jesus that she didn't perform this year.

Stephen Colbert made another appearance, but this time as winner of the Best Comedy Album. Sadly, he ended Kathy Griffin's hilariously overt attempt to snag a Grammy trophy. We love Griffin, and would have loved to have seen her win, for her acceptance speech if nothing else, but Colbert is brilliantly funny as well, so it was well-deserved.
And then, a little later, came the lowest point in the show. Jamie Foxx, yes, that Oscar winning actor, Jamie Foxx, who's currently fighting a self-destructive addiction to delusions of grandeur and cringe-inducing egomania, rapped a song with T-Pain and some other fringe members of the rap community. Hey, we're all entitled to our own opinions, and what some of us love, others hate, and that's okay, this is America, right? But good God, if you honestly think Jamie Foxx is producing good music, holy shit, you need your opinion taken away from you, forever, and we know just the Republicans who will be happy to do it. Don't make us call them.

And then finally somebody we love, Green Day, won for Best Rock Album for "21st Century Breakdown". These guys just get better and better, and they wouldn't be caught dead twirling in curtain drapes and tossing their weave round and round. Take notes, Pink and Knowles. Oh, and while we're at it, girls, Billy Joe Armstrong rocks his eyeliner better than you, too.

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