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Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards - Part IV

One of the highlights of the night was seeing, and hearing, the incredible legend, Leon Russell, when he performed with the Zac Brown Band. It wasn't a show stopper, but anytime Leon Russell gets to perform, it's worth the price of admission. Take notes, Pink and Knowles.

Miss Seacrest took the stage to introduce, in his words, the

"phenomenon" that is Taylor Swift. (Phenomenon? The only phenomenon is the fact that Ryan Seacrest has a career.) Swift dueted with another legend, Stevie Nicks. It started great; they sang one of Fleetwood Mac's classics, "Riannon", but then they transitioned into one of Taylor's teen ditties, and the train went off the tracks. The song wasn't so bad, but Taylor oddly couldn't hit a note. Nerves, inexperience, her first period? We don't know, but we found ourselves wishing Christine McVie would come on stage, smack the shit out of the teen queen and let Stevie rock it alone. If only!

Lionel Ritchie introduced the Michael Jackson tribute which consisted of a video shown in 3-D while Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Usher and Smokey Robinson sang. The song was fantastic, but watching the number was unnerving. CBS flashed a message to "put on your 3-D glasses" just before the video started. Did we miss something? Was CBS suppose to mail everyone in America a pair of 3-D's? It's okay, the sight of Jennifer Hudson's gigantic ta-ta's just inches from our faces might have been too much to take.
A little later, another all-time legend, Robert Flack took the stage to sing with Maxwell. They just don't make'em like Miss Flack anymore, seriously, and it was a treat to hear her sing her classic, "Where is the Love?" Dare we say it again? Take notes, Pink and Knowles.

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