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Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards - Part V

To us, the highlight of the night was the Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige duet of "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Their vocals, Bocelli's soaring pop operatic style and Blige's grittier, urban, gospel-tinged laments made for a breathtaking and incredibly original coupling. That kind of pairing could have easily gone wrong with disastrous results, but Blige won new respect from us as a vocalist. She not only matched Bocelli, note for note, but even managed to sing harmony, finding the perfect places to underscore his grander notes. It was amazing.


And then, another low note. Eminem, evidently back from a much-welcomed obscurity, peformed some god-awful piece of crap with Lil Wayne. The sound kept going off and on, off and on, at first we thought it was a technical glitch, then we thought it was a network censoring of offensive lyrics, but later we decided maybe someone at CBS actually just had a level of good taste in music.

Another highlight was the tribute to rock pioneer and music legend, Les Paul. Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck played guitar on Paul's classic "How High the Moon", while Irish singer Imelda May provided the Mary Ford vocal. It was a fantastic moment; great song, great performance.


Okay, we have to admit that late in the show, we got so bored with the lackluster performances that we started flipping channels. But we made it back in time to see who would win Song of the Year and Album of the Year, the biggies. Kings of Leon won the Song award for "Use Somebody ", and Taylor Swift, yes, Miss Seacrest's
"phenomenon", won Album of the Year for her "Fearless". It didn't really matter to us, we didn't think any of the album nominees were that great, but many, and we do many people, feel that Lady Gaga should have won for the best album.

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