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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let's Get It On

Okay, Alan Ball, here's your chance. At the end of last week's episode of your HBO hit show, "True Blood", you had Talbot and Eric dancing around each other, flirting, tossing out sexual double entendres, okay, so now, are they going to do the dirty tonight or what? Are they going to retire to Talbot's well-appointed bedroom and get it on like a whore at a prison rodeo, and or are you once again, going to mercilessly tease us into the depths of blue-ball depression? Come on, we deserve this. We've been loyal, we've tuned in every week, we deserve a crumb or two from the table, right? Not that we haven't enjoyed watching Eggs and Tara carnally know each other, and we've certainly enjoyed watching Jason get it on with everything that moves in Bon Temps, but now, it's time for our team to come up to bat. You can't keep putting all these incredibly good looking, horny young men in the same hot rooms and not finally have some pants fall off and some hands find their way into some nether regions, committing acts so scandalous that we dare not speak their names. Yes, it's time. Let's get it on, Alan Ball!

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