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Sunday, July 25, 2010

That Ikea Bookshelf Will Look Fab in My New Cave

Watching this morning's "Chris Matthews Show" was downright depressing. Not because of the bad news of the economy or the worsening wars in the Middle East, no, what makes us sad is the news that less than two years into Pres. Obama's administration, there is already a noticeable slide downward in his approval ratings. We know the Democrats are going to lose a lot of elections this November, that always happens in mid-term elections, but some Americans are already ready to put the Republicans back into power. You know, the Republicans! Those people who turned a budget surplus into an all-time national debt, who got us involved in two wars in the Middle East from which we might never remove ourselves, and who gave the wealthiest Americans a huge tax cut while doing nothing for the underprivileged and unemployed. We know most Americans don't follow politics very closely, and therefore don't pay attention to how government really works, (in recent surveys, many high school students couldn't find the United States on a world map), but come on. Pres. Obama, nor any other President, can wave his magic wand and solve the nation's problems overnight. He just doesn't have that kind of power. The workings of government are slow, sticky, messy, uncomfortable, sort of like the sex you had in the back of the bar last night, ouch! And government works especially slowly when Congress is full of corruption, i.e. Congressmen filling their pockets with money and favors in return for their votes. Until big money is removed from our political processes, you can forget anymore substantial achievements coming out of Washington, D.C. Look no further than Sen. Blanche Lincoln's "mysterious" foot-dragging on last year's health care vote when she represents a state which is dominated by one health care behemoth, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

So why are we writing this today? To say to you, don't be so impatient. Don't be so quick to put the fox back in the henhouse. We have to give Pres. Obama and the Democrats more time to accomplish their agenda. And here is just one of many reasons why you should not want the Republicans back in power. Medical science is making enormous strides in stem-cell research. In the less than two years that Pres. Obama lifted the ban on stem-cell research, there is already talk about how stem-cells have the potential to cure many diseases and help the body to regenerate itself after trauma, but we lost eight precious years of that research because the Republicans under Pres. Bush refused to let desperately needed stem-cell research move forward because that research offended their backwoods religious sensibilities and would lead to baby-killin'! Come on, people, if you're thinking about giving up on Pres. Obama and the Democrats already, and looking seriously at a Republican candidate this November, just imagine that as a country we're all currently living in a trailer park. Do you want to move forward, out of the trailer park to a nicer one bedroom apartment in a nice building, or do you want to move backward, into a cave? Think about it.

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