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Monday, August 16, 2010

I Think I've Seen You Somewhere

Today is also actor Cam Gigandet's 28th birthday. Gigandet is one of those actors who has worked quite a bit, but for some reason, has still not had that big, huge, breakthrough role that makes him a household name. We know his name, we sort of recognize him when we see his photos, but we're still not sure who he is. When we looked over his film credits today, we realized we've only seen one movie in which he's starred, "The Unborn", but we were impressed with what we saw. He's immensely charismatic, and even though he's a little odd looking, he still manages a certain sexy handsomeness. And although he's not large in size, his body is ripped, giving him plenty of opportunities to take his shirt off on camera. Gigandet has a dark, brooding intensity; he reminds us of a younger Stephen Dorff.


Gigandet made his mark with younger audiences with roles on t.v.'s "The O.C.", and then on the bigger screen in the mega-hit, "Twilight". But if you're like us, and you still don't know who he is, just wait, we're guessing he's going to be a lot more famous soon. He currently has six movies in post or pre-production, including the highly anticipated "Burlesque", which co-stars Christina Aguilera and Cher.

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