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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Palin Recruits Another Sexual Deviant

All the talk today is about the Republican Senate primary in Delaware. Incumbent Mike Castle is facing a tough challenge from Tea Bagger candidate Christine O'Donnell. In the past few days, the more the media talked about Christine O'Donnell, we kept thinking, "Where have we seen her before?" And then it hit us. Several years ago when Bill Maher was doing his "Politically Incorrect" show on ABC, O'Donnell was a frequent guest. At the time, she was president of S.A.L.T., a grassroots organization to promote celibacy, and how can we put this politely: she's a nut. Not only does O'Donnell, a right-wing Christian zealot, truly believe that teens can be sexually abstinent, but she also believes that masturbation is a sin and that viewing pornography is cheating on one's spouse. Wow. Oh, and she's also being backed by Sarah Palin. Oh my.
Okay, listen, everyone's entitled to her opinion, even crazy Tea Baggers. But come on, this is 2010, and if we're going to find real solutions to social problems like teen pregnancy and the soaring divorce rate, taking advice from naive, cognitively immature crankjobs like Christine O'Donnell is not going to get us there. And the last place this strange, little girl needs to be is in the U.S. Senate. Holy Jesus!
Of course, many observers are already noting that, lately, and especially in the Republican Party, when one protests or complains too loudly about sexual matters, it means that person probably has a kinky sex skeleton or two in her own closet. But even if Christine O'Donnell doesn't have an array of lube-soaked donkey dildos hiding underneath her bed, this woman is a ticking time bomb. Think about it: she doesn't have sex, she doesn't look at porn and she doesn't masturbate. Holy crap, one day soon this girl is literally going to explode!

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