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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sexual Obsession Run Amok!

Sarah Palin-backed, Tea Bagger candidate Christine O'Donnell won her election last night in the Delaware Republican primary for Joe Biden's senate seat. Wow.
We love going to the Google and Yahoo articles about this topic and reading the hundreds of public comments. From those comments, the Tea Baggers think that we, on the Left, are afraid of someone like O'Donnell because she's not a Democrat. No, we're afraid of her because she's dumber than Sarah Palin and nuttier than Michelle Bachman. Now, that's f**king scary!
We also love how Christine O'Donnell mentioned on "The Today Show" this morning that she won because her voters realized that "we're going broke in this country". You're right, Miss O'Donell, we are going broke. So is this why you've sided with the people who gave us two unwinnable wars in the Middle East that are currently costing us $2 Billion per week, who propose spending hundreds of millions on a metal fence on the Mexican border that won't keep anyone out of this country, and who want to extend tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that will cost the U.S. another $700 Billion over the next ten years? Is this your idea of fiscal responsibility?
Oh, and by the way, only moments after complaining that America is heading toward bankruptcy, she asked for help to raise $1 Million to win her election in November. Is irony completely lost on the Republicans? We think so.

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