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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Girl Can't Help It

Wow. Just one day after we relayed the rumors that Ryan Seacrest is having an epic, estrogen-fueled throwdown with his new "American Idol" co-star, Jennifer Lopez, (see our post below), comes the news that Miss Seacrest is picking a fight with another lady of note, Meghan McCain.
After Pres. Obama did an interview with Seacrest for his radio show last week, McCain tweeted, "there is something so unbelievably desperate and sad about the president going on Ryan Seacrest -exactly WHO is on his communications staff?" She went on to say, "No disrespect to Ryan Seacrest but I just don't think The President should be doing an interview with the producer of The Kardashians." Ouch, that hurts. But McCain wasn't done; she went on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night and told Jay Leno that she found Obama's decision to appear on Seacrest's show "kind of trashy."
On his radio show Thursday, Seacrest responded to McCain's comments by saying that she twice asked to appear on the same radio show she criticized. "I understand that we are not 'AC360'," Seacrest said. "She thinks (my radio show is) just so low-brow. I just want to be clear, it is the low brow show she wanted to be on twice to come promote her stuff."
Oh, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. You're a swinging, hetero, Hollywood bachelor who's driving the biggest, baddest pussy-wagon in town, right? If you're not careful, people are going to confuse you with someone from the cast of "Mean Girls" instead of the big-balled, hyper-masculine, snatch-loving guy that you... wait a minute.

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