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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Golfer Has a Plan

Pres. Obama's "Debt Commission" has just issued its first preliminary report on suggestions for lowering the U.S. deficit, and as many predicted, there are calls for cuts in Social Security and Medicare. The John Boehner-led Republicans are agreeing with this assessment, echoing that phrase which is already becoming one of the most over-used and most cynical statements in politics, "We have to make tough choices." Right, but as we said before, why are the people who are being asked to make the tough choices the sick, needy and elderly, and not the wealthy and Big Business? It's astounding; in the same breath that our political leaders are calling for cuts in Social Security and Medicare, they tell us we don't dare raise taxes on the wealthy. Wow. Yesterday it was reported that the profit margin for the top ten insurance companies is up 41% over what it was at this point a year ago. 41% profits for the insurance companies who fought universal health care with very fiber of their being. One congressman has already suggested that those insurance companies return some of that profit to their customers in lower rates, but no response yet from the insurance companies on that suggestion. We think we know what it will be.
So keep this in mind: the sick, needy and elderly are being asked to make "tough choices" while the wealthy, Big Business and the rich and getting richer insurance companies are not being asked to make any sacrifices. Congratulations, Republicans, you've just found the perfect formula to have your asses handed to you in the elections of 2012!

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